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Fairhouse Primary School

Courage, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility

Religious Education

Pupils at Fairhouse learn about Christianity and other principled religions, recognising the impact of religion and belief on individuals and society locally, nationally and globally. They also develop awareness of the fact that many people’s beliefs change in the light of their life experiences. This is done in a spirit of respect and open-mindedness, so that barriers, misunderstandings and prejudices are broken down while critical awareness is retained. Our RE curriculum meets the requirements of our locally agreed syllabus.

Pupils make connections between different aspects of religion and consider various forms of religious expression, including the use of symbols. They consider some of the beliefs, teachings, practices and ways of life that are central to religion. In doing this, pupils go beyond the informative, engaging feelings and imagination so as to display a degree of empathy with different believers. They learn about sacred texts and consider their meanings. They begin to recognise diversity in religion, learning about similarities and differences both within and between religions and belief systems. They extend the range and use of specialist vocabulary. The intention is to enable children to become aware that people in this country and across the world adhere to many different religions, each with their own beliefs, practices, special stories, places of worship, holy men and women, and festivals.

They recognise the challenges involved in distinguishing between ideas of right and wrong, and valuing what is good and true. They communicate their ideas, recognising other people’s viewpoints. They engage at a personal level with important life questions. They consider their own beliefs and values and those of others in the light of their learning in RE.

Long Term Plan and Coverage

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

*Further information about any of the subjects in our curriculum is available upon request